Once upon a time there was a girl who bit her nails. It was something she'd done since childhood out of anxiety. For years she was teased about her short, broken nails. She developed shame around her nails and as a result her confidence took a major hit during the formative years of her life.

Once the girl was old enough to work she started visiting nail salons and spending her money on acrylic nails. Every 2-3 weeks the girl would go and spend hours at the salon and $50-$100 on full sets and fills. Having her nails done though helped her find the confidence within herself she had been missing as a nail bitter for all those years. This expensive habit continued for years and years, on and off as her bank account ebbed and flowed.

Fast forward to 2020. The world shut down and going to the nail salon was no longer an option for many. The girl who had gotten so used to feeling confident was back to her brittle and bitten nails.

Feeling desperate she purchased a UV Lamp and Gel Kit from Amazon to try and do her own manicure. 4 hours and a giant mess later, the girl realized this was not a sustainable solution to her problem. She Googled and Googled trying to find a way to get a cute DIY manicure from home when she stumbled across press-on nails. Immediately she thought "these will suck". She had no idea how to apply them or how long they would last but times were desperate.

At first the nails wouldn't last more than a few days but the girl didn't give up. She continued to try new styles, brands and application methods. There were nails that ripped, nails that broke, nails that damaged her natural nails — the list goes on.

Her biggest struggle was finding designs she loved. Everything in drugstores or on marketplaces were so dated, but the girl loved how quick and affordable press-ons were in comparison to salon visits so she kept trying to find a brand that had it all. 

Her DM's began to flood with questions about her press-on nail journey and by the 3289th message she noticed a gap in the market. There wasn't a one stop shop for press-on nails that offered trendy styles, quality product, budget friendly prices AND amazing education. So, she decided to set out and create the brand she felt was missing.

This brand would deliver convenience, quality and confidence in every set while giving people back their time and money. The brand would reinvent press-on nail packaging; eliminating unnecessary plastic nail trays and cardboard boxes. Instead travel bags would be created from recycled plastic allowing people to take their nails on the go so they would always have access to a quality manicure.

The girl knew the journey to bring the brand and vision to life wouldn't be easy and would require a lot of hard work and sacrifice but she did it for every single person who had ever spent their precious time and hard earned money searching for that confidence she had been missing all those years ago.

Hi — it's me, your Quickies founder. I'm that girl.


If you have questions, want to get to know me or my journey more — my DM's are always open!