Like most quickies, no two last the exactly the same.

If applied using our signature application method a good Quickie on average lasts 1-1.5 weeks.

We want your Quickies to last which is why we've tested and tried many application methods to find the one that hits all the spots.

Each order of Quickies comes with a card that includes our step-by-step application method or you can watch our Press Ed video for a more in-depth tutorial.


Don't worry... we know size matters! Each set of Quickies includes 10 different sizes of nails (24 pieces in total) so that you can find your right fit.

No! Our glue is designed to dissolve over time so that your natural nails do not become damaged at all.

Please note that if you do try to forecefully remove your Quickies before the glue has dissolved damage may occur as this is not the intended use.