Find the most frequently asked questions about our press-on nails below

We want your Quickies to last which is why we've tested and tried many application methods to find the one that hits all the spots.

Each order of Quickies comes with a card that includes our step-by-step application method or you can watch our Press Ed video for a more in-depth tutorial.

Like most quickies, no two last the exactly the same.

If applied usingour signature application methoda good Quickie on average lasts 1-1.5 weeks.

Yes! Unlike a salon manicure you can get multiple wears out of your Quickies.

We just recommend gently filing off any excess glue before going for a second or third round.

Each set of Quickies includes 24 nails in 10 sizes (refer to our size guide), 1 Liquid Glue and 1 Mini Nail File.

Don't worry... we know size matters! Each set of Quickies includes 10 different sizes of press-on nails (24 pieces in total) so that you can find your right fit.

Because everyone's nail beds are beautifully unique we recommend reviewing our Size Guide found on each product page.

Like anything, if used correctly, Quickies should not damage your natural nails!

Our glue is designed to dissolve over time so that the press-ons naturally loosen/lift. You should never struggle to remove our press-ons.

Please note that if you do try to forecefully remove your Quickies before they are loose damage may occur to your natural nails.

For the best quality Quickie we recommend leaving the nails as they are.

If you want to adjust the shape a bit a gentle file shouldn't sacrifice the quality of the press-on nail. We do not recommend cutting or clipping the nails as this can cause them to crack and sacrifice the integrity of a quality Quickie.

We want you to feel satisfied with your Quickie so we recommend following these steps and tips:

  • Use our signature application method to ensure your Quickies last
  • Apply your Quickies when you are not in a rush, especially if it's your first time
  • Apply each press-on base (cuticle) to tip to avoid pushing the liquid glue down creating spillage
  • Make sure your liquid glue tip is clean before putting the lid back on to prevent glueing your lid on
  • Store your extra nails, glue and file in your travel bag
  • Do not wipe any glue spillage with your fingers, use a piece of paper
  • Contact our team if you have any questions prior to your application

If your Quickies aren't lasting as long as you need to keep you satisfied, we feel confident we can fix that.

Please make sure you are carefully and closely following each step in our Press Eduction which is our tried and true application method that on average lasts 1-1.5 weeks.

If you lose a nail don't panic — buff off any nail glue and reapply using the same steps fromour signature application method.

If you have oily nail beds we recommend ensuring your nails are well buffed (Lesson 2) and really apply that pressure for the full 15 seconds (Lesson 5) to ensure your Quickies have time to bond

Please never force your Quickies off. Doing so could cause damage to your natural nails and we never want that!

Your Quickies will start to loosen when they are ready to be removed which is the ideal time to safely remove your press-ons without any damage. A great way to test this is by pushing down on the tip of your press-on to see if the base near the cuticle naturally lifts.

If you really want to remove your set of Quickies before they're ready to come off you can try soaking your nails in a mixture of warm water, dish detergent/soap and olive oil to start the dissolve of the glue.

If your Quickies are really hanging on and you need to get them of you can try soaking in acetone/nail polish remover. Please note this is not the intended/desired removal process and may sacrifice the quality of the nails.

Just like any nails, press-ons aren't invincible but if you have a quality concern please feel free to email us at with your order # and photos of any potential quality issues you are experience.

Oh no! We always want you to feel satisfied after a Quickie but unfortunately, much like the other kind of quickie, somethings just can't be taken back — due to sanitary reasons we do not offer returns or exchanges on any of our products.

If you feel there is a quality issue with the quality of your product please reach out to our team (don't worry, we won't ghost you) by emailing with your order # as the subject. We stand behind the quality of our product and will handle each inquiry on a case-by-case basis with our ultimate goal being your satisfaction.

First, THANK YOU for wanting to have a Quickie with us!

Unfortunately once an order is placed we cannot make any changes - this includes adding/removing/cancelling/swapping product, new addresses, combining orders, etc. Your order will ship as it is placed so please make sure what is in your cart is what you want out of your Quickie!

We love that you want to come back for more! Set your calendar alerts because new Quickies press-on nails drop the first Tuesday of every month.

NO! If there's a style you want to snag we recommend checking out as soon as possible. Items are not guaranteed to be yours until your order is complete.

We put a lot of intentionality and thought into our product packaging.

Each set of Quickies comes in a 100% recycled plastic zip bag that we designed so you can take your Quickies on-the-go.

Unlike other press-on nail brands we have minimized packaging waste by eliminating non-recycled plastic nail trays and cardboard boxes.

We're proud to make the commitment that our packaging will always focus on functionality and intentionality, even if it looks a little different than the others.

Glad you asked! All of our packaging at Quickies is intentionally designed to reduce as much unnecessary waste as possible.

Each set of Quickies is packaged in a unique travel pouch made from 100% recycled plastic. Our packaging was designed to take your Quickies on-the-go and eliminate non-recycled plastic nail trays and cardboard boxes that other companies use.

We also ship every order of Quickies in 100% compostable mailers — because our products aren't trash so why would we want our packaging to be.

If you're looking to customize your Quickies for an event, brand collab, marketing materials or exclusive drop we'd love to chat. Email our Quickies Crew at to inquire about custom orders.

Please note the minimum order quantities for custom styles start at 1000 units.

As a small business shipping is a constant struggle. Shipping rates are set by the carriers and we actually charge less than what these rates are (meaning we pay a portion out of our own pocket) in efforts to make our product as accessible as we can.

In efforts to offer more affordable shipping we currently offer letter mail shipping on all orders within letter mail regulations (approx. 3 sets of nails) within Canada. Please note that by selecting letter mail shipping at checkout you are opting for an untracked and uninsured package. It is the customers responsibility to ensure a correct and complete mailing address is input at checkout. If a letter mail order is not delivered we will not be able to provide a refund and any reshipments will be at the customers expense. If you have any questions regarding letter mail shipping please reach out to prior to placing your order.

Please note we do not offer any type of in-store or local pickup.

Great question! We're a Canadian company so our website is set up in CAD. Our currency converter will allow you to browse our site with the most accurate conversion from CAD to the currency of your choice but unfortunately there's limitations to technology and while going through our payment processor our site can only show the default currency of our site which is CAD.

Don't worry, your bank statement should show a price similar to the order total you saw in your countries currency. Please note we are not responsible for your banks conversion rate and recommend you check with them prior to checkout if you have any questions or concerns.

Sometimes styles sell out so fast that we want to bring them back for you and may offer them on a pre-order basis.

All estimated shipping dates for pre-orders will noted in the product title to ensure proper education. Ship dates are estimates and may vary a few business days.

Also please note that if your order contains a pre-order item all items on your order will ship when the pre-order item becomes available.

Yes! We are very proud to donate $1 from every Quickies order to LGBTQ+ communities and Abortion Funds.

Currently we donate to Rainbow Railroad and Abortion Funds each month.

If you are pregnant, think that you could be pregnant or breastfeeding we recommend consulting with your Doctor prior to any application of Quickies.

If you have an allergy or think that you could have an allergy to any of the ingredients in our products we recommend consulting with your Doctor prior to any application of Quickies.

Liquid Glue Ingredients: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl, Methacrylate, BHA, CI 15850 Tocopherol, Panthenol, Retinyl Palmitate.

Yes! We do not believe in animal testing at Quickies and are proud to share that our products are 100% cruelty-free!

Yes! Our Core Collection is now available for wholesale. Please email to learn more.

Discounts, promo codes and credits cannot be stacked or combined with other promotions such as BOGO, Flash Sales, etc. at checkout. Each order is subject to one code only.

At this time Quickies' community involvement is focused on our $1 per order donation to LGBTQ+ communities and abortion funds. We do not do any outside sponsorship or gifting including events, bachelorette parties, etc.